J.R. Grimaldo

Real Estate Professional

"Principles Before Profits"

About J.R. Grimaldo

"Principles Before Profits"

Honesty and Integrity are values you can expect when you hire me as your agent.
I expertly help clients buy, and/or sell Real Estate.
As your "Trusted Advisor", I offer insightful perspectives, help you navigate thru the process, and eliminate any potential landmines.
You truly have a skillful negotiator working for you.
So, what separates me from other Realtors?
My Approach to Real Estate, the Quality of my Company, and more importantly, my Expertise!

I am genuinely concerned with my client's best interests and am relentless when solving any issues or problems that may arise during the time after the contract is signed, and before closing. I become a true friend during this time, and that is the reason my clients remain as friends, long after closing on their property.

Added Value:

If your intent is to sell, and then move into the local area ask me how I can save you lots of money on your selling costs.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

You really can't make a better choice!


Western Upstate Association of Realtors.
South Carolina Association of Realtors.
National Association of Realtors.